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Short Film "Siempre Volvemos" Winner of the nomination for Best Original Music


December 4th, 2015


The soundtrack of the Short film "Siempre Volvemos" is the winner of the nominaiton for Best Original Music in the contest "48HourFilmProject" México Edition.


This short film was released in the city of Puebla by Nopalix Productions, and the sountrack was composed during the 48 hours of filming.


Thanks to my friends Rodolfo Hernández, Cesar Acuña, Lorena González, and Eve Márquez, who helped me to record this soundtrack.


Music and Images


I have always loved music, and the way it gives life to images, on a screen, on a stage, inside minds, and in life itself. Since I was a child what has always made my heart beat when watching a film,  is the beautiful ensemble between music and images.



CRONOS is a Musical, In which I was the music producer. I composed 6 original themes and arranged seven original songs. 




"Released on December 2014, "CRONOS is a wonderful family Musical that chronicles by great music, dancing and singing live, the course of humanity since the Creation of time and space, to the "Perfect Plan", by which each of the inhabitants of CRONOS have the opportunity to find their purpose and destiny. Immerse yourself in the unparalleled visual and audio experience CRONOS.”


Cronos was an Christian Musical, which purpose was to share the good news about the salvation through Jesus.


Sonata 17 


   "Sonata 17" is a band formed by students of the Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Puebla in August 2012. Its members are from different places, characters and careers, giving the best of them. It is a band with great charisma and freshness.

   The band began with the reason for entering the Song Festival Tec 2012, and its founders, composers and arrangers of all songs are Aldo Teomitzi and Francisco Molina. The lead singer is Jimena Silva Oropeza.

   The music gender of Sonata17 is a mixture of the combined features of Pop, Ballad, Blues and Jazz, always looking for good vocal and instrumental arrangements.


   By song lyrics, Sonata17 seeks to share a message with which people identify, from reflections of life to issues that move the deepest fibers.


  Sonata17 is a versatile band, it takes some musical elements of other styles to improve the compositions with contrasting and harmonious arrangements.

  In the last 3 years of experience, Sonata17 has excelled in various competitions of composition and performance regional and national sonwriting contests.

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